march: kerri’s citrus tasting plate

I was excited when Anna announced her theme for march was citrus. I’ve not experimented much with citrus over the years, so I was excited for the challenge of finding new recipes and adapting them for my own.

I was having a bunch of friends over for dinner last Friday night so decided to do my march challenge then. I started searching and couldn’t pick just one. So I decided on a tasting plate of smaller portions so I could do them all… greedy as I am. And of course, I had to include some chocolate into the mix. Just because I love it so much.

I thought I’d stick with the norms (orange, lemon, lime, mandarin) since they were all new recipes and I didn’t have time to test them out first. Plus I was trying these fruits with different textures / combinations to what I had before, so thought they’d be interesting enough. I would have loved to try something with blood orange or pink grapefruit but I couldn’t find any while shopping, tho they must sell them here somewhere…

So here it is, the finished plate.

From bottom right, clockwise: chocolate & lemon tart, caramelised lime pudding, mandarin custard, finishing off with a dark chocolate & orange truffle.

And a few more pics:

dark chocolate & lemon tarts

chocolate & lemon tarts: chocolate pastry cases filled with chocolate ganache and lemon curd, topped with chocolate ganache and lemon zest to serve.

mandarin custards: baked in egg cups, topped with mandarin slices to serve.

my ‘in-the-making’ photos of these weren’t too pretty so here they are again, finished – the dark chocolate & orange truffle (top) and the caramelised lime pudding.

Yum. My guests all said they really enjoyed their dessert plates (tho people always say that, don’t they?) but my lovely B gave the thumbs up so I’m happy. He loves his desserts too so he will benefit much. My favourite was the mandarin custard. It was fresh, light and creamy. I wasn’t too sure how it would taste but yum, it was good. Too bad I only made enough for that night. I also really liked the caramelised lime pudding, which was originally lemon but I had to change it since I’d already used lemon in the tart. The pudding was extremely light, with the slight self saucing on top giving it a simple decadence. And the caramelisation of the limes gave an extra dimension to the flavour. Yum.

Oh, and of course I loved the chocolate ones too. But I don’t really need to say that, do I?



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