march: anna’s sticky blood orange puddings with mascarpone sorbet

This dessert was inspired by the grapefruit toffee pudding I ate recently at The Dutch in SoHo. The dessert was comp-ed, which made it even better (our waitress stuffed something up, so she gave us free dessert to make up for it)! It was the second delicious pudding I’ve had in the last few months (the other was the malva pudding at Xai Xai in Hell’s Kitchen), so I thought it was appropriate to make one myself!

I searched for a recipe online and came across this one which is based on a traditional sticky toffee pudding, but uses blood orange puree instead of dates.

There are a few different components to the dish, but each was fairly straight forward to make. I would change a couple of things if I made it again, and I’ve noted these changes in the recipe.

top: Blood oranges cooking in simple syrup. The syrup turned a beautiful deep orange colour.
bottom: Puddings cooling on a rack

The puddings are served warm – I would have liked to make them to order, but since it was the first time making them, I didn’t want to risk it. It was just as well I made them in advance, because after taking them out of the oven, the puddings were very soft and initially stuck to the tin. But luckily, they came out easily after cooling down for a bit longer.

To reheat, I placed them on a baking tray, dolloped some blood orange caramel on top of each one, covered the tray with foil and baked at a low temperature for 5 – 10 minutes.

I served the puddings with mascarpone sorbet, which I’ve made a couple of times before. The recipe is from Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry cookbook, and must be one of the easiest (and tastiest) ice-creams around. There are only 4 ingredients in it, and unlike most ice cream recipes, you don’t need to make a custard base.

blood orange pudding2

Here is the finished product! Clearly, I need to learn how to quenelle properly! I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t take better photos for my first blog post, but I was in a hurry to serve them before the puddings cooled down and the ice cream melted! I was really happy with the way it turned out. One person came back for seconds and I think I inspired a few people to buy an ice-cream machine!


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