march: anna’s rosemary shortbread with blood orange jam

I came across the idea for this recipe by accident. The other day, Wholefoods was giving away samples of quinoa cookies. I tried one and it was actually really tasty. I thought I might make some (under the premise that they might be better for you than regular cookies) and thought that I could probably find a recipe on Tartelette, which is a beautiful food and photography blog focused on gluten-free cooking.

I found this recipe for rosemary shortbread with apricot jam. It sounded really interesting and I’ve been wanting to make shortbread ever since I had the olive oil and rosemary shortbread at Blue Bottle Coffee, which is absolutely delicious. I had the idea that instead of apricot jam, I could use the left over blood orange puree and caramel from my puddings to make jam (which would have gone into the bin otherwise)!

I ended up using this recipe for the shortbread – the recipe on Tartelette had cornmeal in it, and I don’t usually like the texture of cornmeal (I’m sure it still would have been delicious, but it’s just a personal preference).

So what started out as a quest for healthier, quinoa cookies ended up as buttery, sweet and savoury rosemary shortbread cookies filled with blood orange jam. I thought the combination worked together perfectly! I gave them to some friends who came over on the weekend, and will be taking the rest to share at work tomorrow!


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