march: jasmine’s blueberry scones with lemon curd

Earlier this month I went to high tea with some friends and enjoyed the best scones I ever had! I vowed to try to find the recipe and have since spent some time searching on the internet for various scone recipes. The scones I had were raisin scones. They were slightly sweet, the outside was slightly crisp, but when I bit into the scone, the center was soft and sort of melted in my mouth.

I know that scones do not technically fit into the citrus-y theme for the month (even if the recipe calls for lemon zest), but it was my inspiration for trying out a blueberry scone recipe paired with lemon curd. The combination was really delicious and the tangy-ness of the curd went really well with the sweet blueberries and slight sweetness of the scones.

My only audience for this month’s baking session was my husband, who really enjoyed them with a cup of Mariage Freres’ Marco Polo tea (thanks Kerri – for introducing K and I to this tea)!!

I thought I should explain my odd choice of recipe for the month…..I normally am a sweets person, however, being 16 weeks pregnant, I still have not gotten over my aversion to sweets and chocolate! Hopefully, I will be back to my normal self for next month.


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