april: kerri’s carrot cake cookie combo

I love ice cream sandwiches – I fell in love with them as a kid when I had my first Monaco bar in Australia. I think they’re better than cookies and cream ice cream, and so much more fun to eat! When Pat and Stick’s came out a few years ago, I was in ice cream sandwich heaven! Even more so when I could taste test their new flavours at Eveleigh Markets, then buy a box to take home. Here in HK there is a big gap in the ice cream sandwich market – I haven’t found one I like yet. What better inspiration than this to create!

I wanted to do something different to the humble-but-delicious carrot cake for this month’s challenge. With my love of ice cream sandwiches, this month’s creation came together without too much thought. What goes well with carrots? Cream cheese! And what do you think of when you think cream cheese + sweetness? Cheesecake! So what a perfect opportunity to make the cheesecake ice cream recipe I had been eye-ing for months – the perfect filling to my soft and chewy carrot cake cookies!

My creation for this month: carrot cake ice cream sandwiches with cheesecake ice cream plus the traditional carrot cake sandwich cookies (or whoopie cookies as they are known in the US) with cream cheese frosting.

As ice cream sandwiches are so playful and fun, I decided to let my guests get into it too with DIY whoopie cookies :) It was a perfect lick-your-fingers end to a fun, laughter-filled night.


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