may: lisa’s banoffee macarons

I confess that I only heard of traditional Banoffee pie not that long ago. So when this retro challenge came up, I thought, what better way to experiment with my first banoffee pie than to create a banoffee pie inspired macaron!

I recently went on a whirlwind trip to London for a friend’s wedding and that was part of the inspiration for this dish. While I didn’t eat banoffee pie whilst I was there (actually I’ve never had it before), there’s something about it that screams “English” to me. And topped with all that creamy goodness? Mmmm, yummo!

Now this is only the second time that I’ve attempted macarons, so please excuse that they are not perfect. The basic macaron recipe has been adapted from Donna Hay, expert in fail-safe recipes. Pipe the mixture into about 4cm rounds – they will expand slightly during resting a baking.

Allow the banana caramel mixture to cool before piping, to avoid melting the buttercream.

I’ve used a Swiss meringue buttercream in the centre because I think it’s not as heavy as a traditional buttercream and gives the centre a more creamy texture.

Finally, press the two halves together and enjoy. The macarons should be crisp on the outside, chewy on the inside, and filled with vanilla, banana, caramel goodness. Enjoy your banoffee macarons, and a very happy birthday to my husband!


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