june: lisa’s peanut crack pie

This month, I have decided to use the humble peanut as the theme ingredient in my creation. With everyone looking to save a dollar here and there, I thought I would share a creation that is so simple, and so economical, and yet so tasty, you’ll wonder why you’ve never tried them before!

Do not grind your peanuts into a fine powder. A little texture will work better.

The idea came from memories of my childhood – the base recipe for the pie crust comes from a traditional family recipe for peanut cookies. These are popular around Chinese New Year, and I remember getting together with the family to make these to celebrate the new Lunar year. Being kids, we were usually assigned the job of rolling the dough, or imprinting the tops with a pen lid before the cookies were baked in the oven.

I remember the cookies being so good, and so melt-in-your-mouth that there was no way you could stop at one.

The other half of my creation came from something I tasted on my last trip to New York. As I’m travelling there again next week, inspiration struck me when recalling my trip there and some of the goodies that I tasted there. One of the sweets that really stuck in my mind was the Crack Pie from Momofuku’s Milk Bar, so named because it tastes so good, makes you feel good, and leaves you wanting more.

Combining this smooth, sweet filling with the crunchy, slightly salty peanut crust is a match made in heaven.

Use the leftover crust dough to make little bite sized cookies, and you’ll have a little snack without feeling over-indulgent.

Enjoy, but be warned, both the cookies and the peanut crack pie are very addictive!


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