june: anna’s special project

My friends recently tied the knot in a small ceremony with only their immediate families present. Not ones to miss the opportunity for a party, they had another gathering over the weekend to celebrate. The idea of making a surprise wedding cake came up over dinner one night with some friends who live in the neighborhood. They are both fashion designers, so it worked out very well, as they were in charge of design and I was in charge of baking!

We threw around a few ideas but decided on a gaming / xbox theme for the cake. We created their xbox avatars out of colored fondant and made some “Words With Friends” tiles to spell out their names.

To tie in with the June nuts theme, the cake was hazelnut banana, and I made my own hazelnut praline paste for the frosting (the leftovers are great on toast – tastes like a melted ferrero rocher!). I also made a passionfruit curd to sandwich between the layers.

I didn’t know whether the newlyweds would want me to post a picture of the cake online (it ended up that they were ok with it), so I also made a cupcake version for the blog. I hollowed out the cupcake, filled it with the passionfruit curd, topped it with the hazelnut praline frosting, and finished it off with some crumbled hazelnut praline and a slice of caramelized banana. The passionfruit curd and hazelnut praline frosting were my favorite components. They were really tasty and not your usual frosting flavors!! The texture from the hazelnut praline and caramelized banana was also a great touch.

The cake was a big hit and a really nice surprise for the wedding couple! They even froze the last piece for their one year anniversary! Thanks to the creative team for the amazing design! And congrats and best wishes to S + J!!

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