july: jasmine’s bread and butter pudding

When I think of bacon, I am reminded of big Canadian style breakfasts. A stack of pancakes with maple syrup, pork sausages, crisp bacon, eggs and fried potatoes. The bacon and maple syrup combo is one my favorites!

Actually, it’s funny that I am reminded of big Canadian breakfasts at this time of year. July is the month when the annual Calgary Stampede is held (Calgary is where I grew up). The Stampede is a large country-western themed event which includes rodeos, live bands, parades and typical show ground goodies such as rides for kids, games, typical fair foods such as corn-dogs and mini cinnamon donuts. The closest thing to the Stampede, in Sydney, would be the Easter Show….but in Calgary, the whole city is alive during the Stampede. One of my fondest memories of the Stampede is the Stampede breakfast! Large bbq breakfasts are hosted by various large corporates in the city each day during the Stampede. A typical work day during the Stampede would be to go into the office (in jeans and other country western gear – of course) and then with your colleagues go check out one of the Stampede breakfasts. After 2 hours of queuing and indulging in pancakes, bacon, sausages, eggs, etc…..we would start our work day at about….11am :)

My contribution this month is a bread and butter pudding with crisp bacon and maple caramel sauce. This is not only a tribute to bacon, but it also pays homage to the Calgary Stampede and my home town Calgary. (makes me miss Canada…actually).

I made this as a dessert one evening and with the leftovers, I cut the bread and butter pudding into rectangle pieces and fried it in a little butter in a pan over medium heat. I served the left overs with the maple caramel sauce, some fresh bacon and a handful of blueberries…divine…..v. similar to french toast actually :)


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