july: kerri’s chocolate & bacon ‘cupcakes’

I can’t lie – when I saw that the theme for this month was bacon, I was a bit worried! In Australia, bacon is usually served savoury. And although some cafes do serve bacon with pancakes, french toast or sweet waffles, I’ve never really been a fan. So it took a compulsory challenge for me to experiment and discover that bacon in desserts can be really yummy!

The juices started flowing as I researched what combinations I could put together. I was happy to find out that bacon and chocolate are perfect partners! And I found the base and starting point to this month’s creation with an adapted bacon brittle from Tasting Table. Adapted because the original recipe goes into a salad, so I left out the peppers. I also ground the brittle into sprinkles to make it more versatile to use.

I’ve been wanting to make a dessert in chocolate cups for years now but my laziness always got the better of me. For this challenge, I loved the idea of using them for the presentation (and eating, of course) so I pushed little miss lazy aside and voila! Sprinkled with bacon brittle, these made the perfect start to my creation.

Now, to fill it? I decided to use a salted caramel chocolate mousse recipe, substituting some of the sugar with the bacon brittle. I also added some brittle to the finished mousse to add some texture. (I should have substituted the whole amount of sugar with the brittle as the bacon was a bit too subtle in the finished mousse. I have adjusted this in the recipe.)

With a topping of cream to cut through the richness of the mousse, I decorated the dessert to look like cupcakes and finished off with another sprinkling of brittle.

My guests were a bit hesitant when they first read the menu, but seemed more than pleasantly surprised :) My ‘cupcakes’ were a hit – apparently I should have made more than one per person!

Recipe can be found here.


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