july: anna’s bacon caramel popcorn sundaes

I’m not sure whether bacon desserts are a New York thing. I’ve never really paid attention when visiting other cities, but I don’t think my fellow bloggers were necessarily thrilled when I announced the July theme! If there’s a bacon dessert on a restaurant menu, I will order it, without fail. I love the sweet and salty combination. The best bacon dessert I’ve ever had was the bacon doughnut dish at Traif in Brooklyn. The restaurant name means “non-kosher”, and they serve bacon margaritas and pork or shellfish in practically every dish. I’ve also eaten bacon cupcakes, macarons, tarts, puddings, chocolate bars and peanut brittle.

I wanted to make bacon caramel popcorn for my July dish. I decided to use it as a topping for an ice cream sundae, and what better ice cream flavor to go with popcorn than corn?! Earlier in the week, I signed up for a “share” on CitySprout, a farm share program where local farmers deliver boxes of seasonal fruit and vegetables, fresh from the farm, to neighborhoods. You don’t choose what’s in the box, you just get a selection of the freshest produce. I was very excited to pick it up after work! The box included wild blueberries, summer squash, red kale, string beans, mixed herbs and corn. Perfect!
I had some buttermilk in the fridge, so I made a buttermilk corn ice cream. It turned out really creamy and had a great corn flavor, with a little bit of tang from the buttermilk. The popcorn also turned out the way I had imagined! If I was serving it plain, I would probably use a little less bacon, but combined with a dark chocolate sauce and the sweet, creamy ice-cream, it was the perfect combination! It made a nice summer Sunday afternoon treat for my neighbors :)

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