july: lisa’s maple and caramelised bacon cake pops

Most of this month, I was lucky enough to be away from the Winter in Sydney, and travelling the world. Somehow, I always end up in kitchenware shops while I’m overseas, and invariably, I end up buying loads of funky (but bulky) items to bring back to my kitchen at home (and not considering the space and weight it takes up in my suitcase!).

One of my purchases whilst I was in New York was a cake pops tray. I thought why not give it a go for my July creation.

I was really happy with how the resulting cakes turned out – they didn’t stick to the tray! Win!

The cake pops also made an interesting change for my workmates, who I tend to trial new recipes on. The saltiness of the bacon, with the toffee coating and the creamy maple buttercream make this a match made in heaven.

Just a tip – the crispier you fry the bacon, before coating in the caramel, the better the result when you grind it up in the food processor.


If you don’t own a cake pop tray, don’t worry. The recipe works just as well in cupcake form. Enjoy!


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