august: kerri’s kaffir lime mango with coconut cream & sable

Hong Kong is a place where most young professionals eat out every night. Not because it’s indulgent, but because most apartments are tiny, with kitchens often only having a two-burner stovetop. No oven. No benchspace. Pretty much not designed for cooking. When we moved here, I searched and searched for an apartment with a full kitchen, and spacious enough to allow us the room to welcome people in for a home cooked meal. And so it is that we are able to host a monthly dinner at ours, where seats go fast because indulging in a home cooked meal is rare.

I decided to theme the whole dinner around our BSS theme for this month, incorporating flavours from south east asian countries into every dish. Palm sugar, fish sauce, coconut, kaffir lime and lemongrass were on display. Yum.

clockwise from top left: crisp s+p pork belly with black vinegar dipping sauce on pickled cucumber; grilled vietnamese style chicken wings; pickled watermelon salad; duck curry

I love tropical fruits but mango has to top my list. And mango with lime and coconut brings in the south east asian influence perfectly. So with these flavours in mind, I found a perfect dessert recipe for this month’s challenge by Gregoire Michaud, Executive Pastry Chef at the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, which he shared on this blog.

His recipe included a cake layer, but I substituted this with a sable crumb for added texture. I also decided to add a palm sugar caramel drizzle on the top just to add that little bit more, and used the extra sables for presentation.

The finished result was an explosion of tart limey mango, smooth creamy coconut, sweet crumb texture and mellow palm sugar goodness. Not as pretty or elegant as Gregoire’s but yummy nonetheless. My guests were left wanting more, but unfortunately I only made just enough.

You can find the recipe here.
The original recipe is here.


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