september: kerri’s white peach & rose cake

Edible flowers. I’ve become more fascinated with them recently – how they’re used, their different flavours and what they can add to a dish (other than aesthetics). After reading an article about them in a magazine, I decided this would be the theme for this month!

I didn’t think about whether I could actually buy edible flowers in Hong Kong. I’m sure you can, but fresh ones that are suitable to be eaten are not easy to find for an everyday consumer. I can’t converse in Chinese either, so even if they told me ‘no pesticides or chemicals’, I wouldn’t feel comfortable serving them to my guests without knowing a lot more detail. So I settled for dried flowers suitable for tea. I’d seen some in a couple of food stores here so it wouldn’t be a problem.

My flower of choice? Rose, for it’s delicate flavour, fragrance and simple beauty.

For my creation, I wanted something light – in both colour and flavour – that would showcase the rose rather than overpower it. I love layer cakes – how they look, the homely feeling they evoke. A layer cake seemed fitting, and I decided on a traditional sponge cake.

I brushed a rose syrup over each layer to soak into the cake. Next was a white peach puree. White peach for its fresh, subtle, not-too-sweet flavour. The skin stained the puree a lovely pink colour, a nice contrast to the cake.

Over the puree came a rose infused cream, which I also used to cover the cake. The white peach added that bit of fruitiness without being as sweet as a jam, though the actual flavour was not definitive. I loved the look of the layers of sponge, puree and cream when it was cut – the look of good old fashioned baking.

I was really happy with the final result – both in how it looked and tasted. The rose, even though subtle in flavour, stood out as the dominant one. Just how I wanted.

And no other decoration was needed, except roses themselves.

Light. Homely. Simple. Pretty. Oh, and Yummy.

You can find the recipe here.


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