september: anna’s lavender macarons

The thing I love about this blog is that it makes me cook with ingredients I never would have even thought about before. As a general rule, I’m not a fan of floral-flavored food (sorry Kerri!), and when I found out the September theme, I had no idea what I would make. Then the lavender stall at Union Square Greenmarket, Lavender By the Bay, came to mind. I hate to say it but I’ve walked past there dozens of times and never stopped to take a look, until now. I think the flavor of lavender is a bit more herb-y and less floral than other flowers, so I decided to use in my dish.
I’ve been wanting to make macarons for the blog ever since we started it! I think the idea of the blog actually came up when Kerri and I were emailing back and forth about macarons and sharing tips, tricks and photos! It’s been a while since I made them, so wasn’t sure if they would turn out. But luckily, they worked for me this time! :)

I filled them with a lavender infused dark chocolate ganache, using 85% dark chocolate to offset the sweetness in the macaron shells. It was a great combination – the lavender flavor was not overpowering and reminded me a bit of bergamot / earl grey tea.

And after finding an edible flower that I actually do like, I can’t wait to use the rest of my dried lavender in some other dishes!

Find the recipe here

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