october: anna’s arnold palmer cakes

I’m back home safe after having to evacuate my apartment for the last two days due to Hurricane Sandy! Just in time to post my October entry! The evacuation order was pretty last minute (we heard about it in the morning and had to leave that evening) so it threw off my weekend baking plan! I was intending to make souffle, but when we found out about the evacuation, I needed to make something that would last during the hurricane! Along with a few others, I moved to a friend’s place a few streets away. There were seven of us camped out waiting for the hurricane to pass. We had the pantry well stocked and since we are all foodies and home cooks, we ate incredibly well! Over the couple of days, we feasted on homemade pizza, steak, kimchi jigae, several different types of noodles and smoked salmon bagels, while watching movies and updates on the hurricane! Thankfully, we weren’t badly affected.

Arnold Palmer is another item to add to the list of things I’d never heard of before moving to the U.S. It’s a drink made of 1/2 iced tea and 1/2 lemonade (and for you Aussies, by lemonade I mean traditional / homemade lemonade, not Sprite)! It’s a really nice, refreshing drink on a hot day! I decided to use this as the basis of my October tea dish. The original plan was to make lemon souffle with sweet tea caramel sauce, but I ended up making little lemon cakes topped with tea frosting. Luckily, I only needed to buy a few ingredients, which I could get from the local corner store. The supermarkets were crazy with people stocking up on supplies and I wasn’t keen to join in the shopping frenzy. The interesting thing about this recipe is that it uses club soda, which gives the cakes a really great crumby texture, but they are still light at the same time! I’ve never seen it as an ingredient in a cake before but it’s definitely something I would use again! Enjoy these cakes during a hurricane, or just with a cup of tea!Find the recipe here


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