october: kerri’s darjeeling brulee tart

I love tea. My favourite tea was introduced to me many years ago through a gift from a friend. Inside contained what has become my favourite tea brand and tea variety of all time. Mariage Fréres’ Marco Polo. It also introduced me to the concept of eating tea – it contained a tea conserve and tea sablés. Yum.

A recent trip to London also saw us take a quick overnight trip to Paris. Why? So I could immerse myself in the Mariage Fréres tea experience – not only the amazing stores, but the Thé Salons as well. Here you not only get overwhelmed with the 400+ varieties of tea on offer, you can also eat light meals too, all incorporating tea. The best part? Their tea desserts! So when Lisa announced the theme was tea, I knew where I was going to get my inspiration from!

And so it was. I had the most amazing Darjeeling Tart – it’s hard to describe it in any other word than perfect. With just the right sweetness, the distinguished flavour of darjeeling was on show. I could even say that it topped most chocolate desserts I’ve had – now that’s saying something!

With each bite, I tried to work out how to make it, taking mental notes to experiment with when I got back home. Luckily for me though, I found the recipe in the store!

I decided to use my tried and tested tart base – one that lends itself to both light and rich tart fillings. It’s a great recipe to keep up your sleeve.
I smoothed the filling before chilling, giving me the most options for decorating. I still hadn’t decided!
I wanted to keep the tart simple to showcase the darjeeling. In the end, I decided to brulee the top – to add to the texture and because everyone loves a sugar crust. But I made it quite light so it didn’t add too much sweetness.

I think my guests loved it as much as I did in Paris! It was a perfect end to the meal – and as comforting as a hot cup of tea. Ah.
You can find the recipe here.


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