october: lisa’s earl grey creme caramel

Not being a coffee drinker myself (I have never touched the stuff) I love experimenting with tea in my cooking. Green tea, Thai tea and Jasmine tea are my favourites. I’ve recently got into black tea infused with lemon after buying some when I was in London earlier in the year. But one tea that I’ve not really drunk is Earl Grey tea.

I was asked a few months back to create some Earl Grey cupcakes, and that was the first time that I had used or even bought Earl Grey tea. I was drawn to distinct fragrance of the tea, with a hint of bergamot, which created a bold yet refreshing flavour.

So I thought that I would try using some of the leftover tea bags from the packet I bought to put a twist on another classic dessert, the creme caramel.

Actually, my original plan was to make a creme brulee. However although I do own a kitchen blowtorch, I didn’t have any gas to put in it. So the next best thing was to turn it upside down and create a creme caramel.

The creaminess of the custard and slight bitterness of the toffee blends perfectly with this tea. The texture is smooth, and coats your tongue with a delicious cocktail of flavour. I do hope some of you give this Earl Grey Creme Caramel a try. Preparation and cooking time is minimal, making this a great dessert for a dinner party. It can also be made a one large portion or set into individual portions. Enjoy!


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