november: jasmine’s gingerbread biscuits

A lot has changed since my last post on BSS. I am now a mom to an infant girl, so it was a bit of a struggle this month finding the time to research and test out my BSS recipe for the month. Luckily, I did manage to sneak some time in between A’s naps this past week :)

Now that we are fast approaching the Christmas holiday season, all I can think of are gingerbread lattes, short bread biscuits and all things Christmas! So for my contribution to the sugar and spice theme, I tried a quick and simple gingerbread biscuit recipe.

I LOVE gingerbread! When I was growing up, my mom made gingerbread cookies using the classic gingerbread man cookie shapes and my sister and I would stay up late to help my mom ‘dress up’ the cookies with icing, candies and sprinkles. The 3 of us would spend an entire afternoon and evening making our army of gingerbread people and then we would freeze a batch to have over the holidays and pack up the rest into small parcels to give as treats to our friends.

I don’t have the time to make the gingerbread recipe that we grew up having, so I needed to find a simpler version if I am going to satisfy my craving for gingerbread this holiday season. So when I came across a Donna Hay recipe for a simple gingerbread biscuit, I had to give it a try!

These biscuits are soft and gingery in flavour. I added nutmeg and cinnamon to the recipe and also used dates in the centre of each biscuit to spruce it up a bit :) This recipe does not use molasses, which is a bonus because it can be made from items from the kitchen cupboard and save me a trip to the grocery store.

While I was doing my research I also found a recipe for gingerbread sandwich biscuits with a cream cheese filling. I tried my own version of this by pairing the biscuits I baked with a side of lemon cream cheese dip. The biscuits are scrumptious on their own and the lemon cream cheese gives it that extra taste of indulgence….perfect for the holiday season :)


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