december: kerri’s mini chocolate christmas puddings

I wanted to put an HK take on the Christmas baking this month, but it seems there’s nothing really different about how Christmas is celebrated here, except that many local families don’t really celebrate it. It’s really the tradition of the West, so that left it open for me to bake anything I wanted!

B & I decided last year to host an ‘open house’ of sorts, where those who didn’t have family to spend Christmas Day with could share a meal with us. We thought this would be a good thing to do each year while we’re in HK, because there are many ‘orphan’ friends that don’t have families to celebrate with like we would back home, including us! So this year we had a mixture of expat friends who didn’t travel or go home for the holidays, and some local friends whose families don’t celebrate Christmas.

Along with our Orphan’s Christmas, there were also a few other events we attended this year. So there was much Christmas baking happening in my kitchen that I could probably do four posts for this month! But I’ve chosen the most festive looking one :)

For my puddings, I used a brownie recipe that is a little more on the cakey side but you can use any type of chocolate cake you like. It’s really just cake crumbs and ganache, mixed together and moulded into pudding shapes – easy peasy! You could probably add dried fruit too if you want, like dried cherries, cranberries or sultanas, to give it a more christmas pudding  essence.

mini choc xmas puddings1I actually made this recipe up, so the amount of ganache you need will really be judged as you mix it into the crumbs. You want a consistency that is still quite dense and able to hold it’s shape well.

mini choc xmas puddings2For the ‘custard’, I used a simple icing sugar mix and some peppermint essence for a minty flavour. I love choc mint :) I couldn’t find any suitable decoration here in HK, so bought some gummy lollies and cut them to shape. They did the job alright, don’t you think? :)

mini choc xmas puddings3

They make a cute little gift packaged in a box or in small bag tied with ribbon, or a petit four to serve with tea after a Christmas feast. Either way, everyone will love them!

Thank you to all of you who have followed our blog this year – we hope we’ve been able to give you some ideas for your own baking at home, and inspired you to bake even more!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and here’s to a very Happy New Year!

You can find the recipe here.


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