december: jasmine’s coconut mango sago


This Christmas, I wanted to establish some new family traditions for the holidays. K and I used to travel during the holidays to either visit friends and family or to take a relaxing break. After the arrival of baby A, travelling has taken a back seat, so we stayed in Sydney this year and visited friends and hosted small lunch get togethers during the holiday season.

In Australia, Christmas is in summer and it has taken me a while to get used to that. Instead of the heavy foods that I am used to having during this time in Canada (baked yams, turkey and stuffing, rich cakes, roast veggies, etc) we had a variety of fresh ingredients and a lot of seafood this year!

I didn’t do as much baking and cooking as I would have liked this year, but I did end up trying some new recipes. I also used some traditional recipes to prepare baked goods as gifts for friends. The gingerbread recipe in my November post was a hit! It is also a really handy recipe because the dough freezes really well. So I would freeze half a portion of the dough and bake a batch of fresh cookies each time I needed to gift them to someone.

K’s favorite holiday dessert I made this year was a coconut mango sago. Simple, cool and fresh. The sago recipe is versatile and can be served with any type of fresh fruits. I used mango for this recipe, but it also works well with cantaloupe, honey dew and sweet potatoes.

I brought the sago to a friend’s house for a lunch bbq and served it cold with mango slices. Perfect for a hot summer day :)


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