january: kerri’s chocolate shortbread ice cream sandwiches

I must confess that I made these as a belated Christmas present as I was too busy before Christmas to get myself organised. Our friends received a card with a ‘gift coming in January 2013’ slip inside. And since this month’s theme is chocolate, it was perfect timing.

I think I’ve said it before – I love ice cream sandwiches. My favourite of all time is the Monaco bar – a soft chocolate biscuit sandwiching creamy vanilla ice cream. Simple, but the best! Popular in Australia during the 80s, it was sadly discontinued at some point, only living as a nostalgic memory of the ‘good ol days’. But sometimes Aussies can be persistent – after a petition campaign lasting at least a couple of years, it was finally brought back into the ice cream cabinets of Australia in 2008!

I’ve been looking for a cookie recipe that could replicate the Monaco bar – mainly the soft-but-not-too-soft texture. I think this is the closest I’ve found. Chocolate shortbread by Thomas Keller.

choc shortbread2

You can use any flavour ice cream you like for these. I made TK’s coffee ice cream to go with these but you can also use store bought ice cream.

choc shortbread3I’ll definitely be keeping this recipe up my sleeve – even without the ice cream, the shortbread on it’s own is really good. An indulgent snack, a great gift or with ice cream for a yummy dessert – you can’t go wrong :)

choc shortbread4You can find the recipe here.


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