january: anna’s $500 cookies

A lot of people claim to have the best choc chip cookie recipe, but this one is my favorite. There are two types of chocolate in it, choc chips as well as grated chocolate – I prefer dark chocolate but you can use any kind you like. My mum isn’t much of a baker, but this is one of her staple recipes that we made countless times when I was growing up. She brought her old recipe book with her when she visited me in New York last year, and we ended up whipping up a batch (well actually not one batch, but two!). I still had some ingredients leftover in the pantry, so I decided to make some for our Super Bowl party this weekend!$500 Cookies Choc Chip Oatmeal

The story behind the “$500 Cookies” is that a lady ordered the recipe from a magazine (in the days before people used the internet!) thinking that it cost $5.00. When the recipe and invoice arrived in the mail, she realized her mistake, and it actually cost $500! She was so furious that she gave copies of the recipe to everyone she knew, and asked them to do the same. We were given the recipe by a family friend and who knows how many people it had been passed through. What better way to spread the recipe than a food blog?! Be sure to share this one with your friends!$500 Cookies Choc Chip Macadamia Oatmeal

Find the recipe here


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