february: kerri’s childhood ‘afternoon tea’

Starting way back in primary school, if we had been good, my Mum used to take my sister and I out for afternoon tea to different cafes after school about once a month. It was such a treat to look forward to, and felt so special to be sitting in a nice cafe, ordering a hot chocolate and a yummy piece of cake. I still remember we’d often get a slice of Concorde, Choc Rock or Bon Vivant. It was always something chocolate.

In my last year of high school, I decided to actually buckle down and study. I would go straight to my room after school to get my homework and study done before dinner. Every day, Mum would bring me a hot Milo or chocolate with marshmallows and a slice of cake for afternoon tea. She’s great, isn’t she?

So I decided to take that concept and make it into a dessert. Chocolate Pots de Creme with Toast Custard and Chocolate Crumbs, served with a pseudo-lamington.

choc pots de cremeBecause chocolate is the showcase for this dessert, using a good quality dark chocolate is well worth it. This recipe is super easy, and takes no time at all to prepare!

choc cup steps

You can top these which some whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa or chocolate shavings, or serve it with ice cream. I chose to make mine a bit more challenging, trying out Brent Savage’s Toast Custard from a cooking class I attended before moving to Hong Kong. The custard worked, but the toast flavour was much too subtle. I don’t think I burnt the toast enough! So a very lightly toasted sweet custard it was – still yummy, but disappointed that the toast flavour didn’t shine. I’ve included it on the recipe page – maybe yours will work out better :)

For the chocolate crumbs, I had frozen some dough from the chocolate shortbread I made for last month’s post. I baked this up then processed it to crumbs. I put a layer in between the chocolate and the custard for added texture, then dusted some on top for that ‘hot chocolate’ look.

dessert topThe cake base for the pseudo-lamington came from a recipe I learnt in Home Science at school, and quickly became a favourite cake to bake at home. Lamingtons remind me of lamington drives at school, when once a year or so we’d order a tray of lamingtons to gobble down. So with my Peach Blossom recipe in hand (and not having the time to make proper lamingtons), I made pseudo ones with chocolate ganache sprinkled with toasted coconut to serve with my ‘hot chocolate’.

dessert sideYou can find the recipe here.


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