february: anna’s multi-colored carrot cupcakes

Cooking genes might be the kind that skip a generation….at least in my family! My grandma loves food and is an amazing cook. She’ll eat any type of cuisine, but only cooks Chinese / Malaysian food. I don’t think she’s ever made a Western dish in her life. Her favorite type of cake is carrot cake, and for as long as I can remember, every birthday, mother’s day or any other event where cake was involved, she would ask us to make it for her! Banana cake comes a close second (anyone detect a fruit / vegetable theme here?) I’ve mentioned before that my mum isn’t much of a baker. Included in her limited repertoire is carrot cake, which she will only frost on really special occasions, and even then, only with a very small amount! The only other type of cake she makes is a plain butter cake, so we ate a lot of both growing up!

I made my own cupcake version for this month’s post using these amazing multi-colored carrots I found at the farmer’s market! They didn’t really taste any different to regular carrots, but they looked good!

Multi Colored Carrots for Carrot Cupcakes

The cake tasted like the type we ate growing up – not too sweet and with extra carrots. The only difference was that I used a good amount of frosting! These cupcakes are even better the second day when the top of the cake has had a chance to absorb a bit of the frosting. So make extra or remember to put a few away :)

Multi Colored Carrot CupcakesFind the recipe here


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