march: kerri’s (hot cross) chocolate brioches

I’ve had this cookbook ‘Chocolate Ecstasy’ by Christine France for what must be about 15 years now. It’s one of my favourite ‘go-to’ chocolate cookbooks in my (overwhelming) chocolate cookbook collection. I’ve salivated over pretty much every page, but this is my first time trying the brioches au chocolat.

I was thinking of making chocolate hot cross buns for my Easter post, because I miss buying them every Easter from Baker’s Delight in Australia. But stumbled across these while looking for something else and thought they’d be a good alternative.

They’re surprisingly easy, actually. They just take a bit of kneading time, and sometimes you wonder if the dough will incorporate all the butter but don’t worry, press on – it will! My supply of chocolate is in chips, so instead of using squares from a block as stated in the recipe, I stuffed mine with chips!

brioche prep

brioche unbakedI actually also used normal plain flour rather than strong white flour as stated in the recipe. And the result? Light, very slightly sweet little balls filled with oozing chocolate (when eaten warm)! Yum! They’re great for breakfast or a tea-time treat :)

brioche eatI hope your home is filled with the sweet scent of baking over the Easter weekend. Happy Easter to you and yours.

You can find the recipe here.


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