march: jasmine’s lemon buttercream cupcakes

This month, I decided to make cupcakes!


Spending time looking for my Easter treat recipe this month, gave me a nice break from researching and trying out baby recipes ( I am also introducing solids to Baby A this month). It was nice not having to finish a recipe by pureeing the lot!

During the Easter break we often spend time visiting friends or having people over for a get together, so I need a couple of quick and simple recipes for treats to use for entertaining. Also, I found that cupcakes (including the buttercream frosting) are ok to freeze and are still delicious when defrost in the fridge. This will be handy for when I do a lot of baking for K and I!

This lemon buttercream cupcake has a good zing of lemon! It’s also pretty :) especially when topped with chocolate easter eggs. The cupcakes are not too sweet, which is a ‘healthy’ sort of treat to balance the bags of chocolate that we will go through before and during the Easter holiday!


The cupcake recipe is really simple and took me about 30 minutes to make (including 20 minutes of baking time). It is a basic cupcake recipe and can be varied by adding cocoa, chocolate chips, berries…to name a few variations. I used lemon zest for this recipe. I also used lemon zest in the buttercream because I wanted a strong lemon flavor for the overall product.

The added bonus of this recipe is that it quick and can be completed over a series of separate steps: (1) baking the cupcakes (2) preparing the buttercream frosting and (3) frosting / decorating the cupcakes. This is important for me now because I no longer have the luxury of spending an hour or two at a time to cook, but it still allows me to do something I love :) …. baking and er…umm…..eating!!


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