april: anna’s parmesan shortbread

Parmesan Shortbread

Last year, I made some rosemary shortbread for this blog, inspired by Blue Bottle Coffee. This is another one of their yummy bites.

I was actually planning to make a version of cookies and cream ice-cream with pear ice-cream and parmesan shortbread cookies. I thought this would be an interesting play on ingredients from one of my favorite simple salads, arugula with pear and parmesan. I started a new job a couple of months ago, and it has been a lot busier than expected, so I just didn’t manage to find the time to try it out this month!

These shortbread cookies were pretty easy to whip up, but they take a bit of advanced planning, as you need to chill the dough and then let it come back to room temperature before rolling and baking. The original recipe finishes the cookies with a combination of fennel and sea salt, but I wasn’t feeling that adventurous today, so I just used the sea salt. The smell of these cookies baking was divine, just like grilled cheese sandwiches!

If you are a fan of sweet and salty treats, like me, then this is one for you!

Find the recipe here


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