kerri’s pear, hazelnut and dark chocolate ‘tart’

One of the things B and I were excited to come back to Sydney for was a barbecue. And what better time (in winter) to have one than on a public holiday! Thanks to the Queen’s birthday, we held a BBQ with a bunch of our Sydney friends, including Jasmine and her family! We both took the opportunity to make our pear desserts, as there were many mouths to share in the eating!

My creation this month is quite a versatile one – it suits all shapes and sizes of pans. So I didn’t really know what to call it – depending on the pan you cook it in, it could be a tart, a slice, or a cake!

As you know, I’m limited in my choice of bakeware while here in Sydney and need to choose recipes accordingly. So I combined two super easy recipes and thankfully, it all worked out! The flourless dark chocolate base is from this Martha Stewart recipe, with a couple of changes to make it easier for those without a food processor. I then took the pears and hazelnut filling from an Eric Lanlard recipe to finish it off.

pear, hazelnut and dark chocolate tart prep

Even though there are three components to this creation, each is really simple and quite quick. The end result is moist and light, and perfect with a dollop of whipped cream.

pear, hazelnut and dark chocolate tartYou can find the recipe here.


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