jasmine’s pear and ginger cake

pear&ginger cake2

The theme this month is along the lines of what I love to make and to eat! I like using fruit and vegetable in my baking because I can trick myself into thinking that it is somewhat healthy :)  I also find that desserts with fruit or vegetable require less sugar and butter/milk … so that HAS to be somewhat healthier?

The recipe I tried this month is the ‘Pear and Ginger Cake’ recipe from a 2012 Donna Hay magazine. The recipe had caught my eye when I first saw it and I had clipped it into my ‘recipes to try folder’.

The recipe does not require many ingredients and is easy to prepare. The most time-consuming component of the recipe is the preparation of the pears, but that did not take long at all.

I brought the cake to a bbq that Kerri hosted :) It was SO nice to catch up with Kerri and to share our BSS treats :) I can vouch for the treat that Kerri put together. It was absolutely delicious!


The pear and ginger cake is similar to a teacake and is great with thickened whip cream or for a more indulgent treat – a large scoop of vanilla ice cream.


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