anna’s pear and black sesame cupcakes

I was looking for a pear dessert that was a little different and came across a tea cake recipe that combined pear with black sesame. Definitely not a pairing I would have thought of myself, but I decided to give it a go! I’d planned to take my dish to Tropfest (yes, we have it in New York!), so it had to be something that could be easily transported. For those of you not familiar with Tropfest, it’s a short film festival that started out in Sydney, Australia, and has now gone global! The finals are screened outdoors (the New York one was held in Prospect Park) and it’s tradition to get there early, bring a picnic and hang out with friends while waiting for the films to start. Of course this being New York, there were food trucks to supplement the food we brought!
Homemade Black Sesame Paste
Black sesame is definitely the dominant flavor in this dish. There are two types of black sesame in it – sesame paste and whole sesame seeds. I made the black sesame paste myself, which was a first for me, but was actually pretty easy! I liked the texture of the cake – it came out very soft and crumbly. The pear was definitely an unexpected touch, but it got good reviews from my taste testers! You could also bake it in a loaf tin, slice it up and serve for brunch!
Pear and Black Sesame Cupcakes
Find the recipe here

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