august: anna’s blueberry and crunchy nut crumb bars

Fruit is amazing this time of year! I love summer fruit like watermelon and all kinds of berries. Blueberries in particular are great to bake with. As I was writing this post, I went back to look at our blog’s index of recipes and saw that each one of my fellow bloggers has posted a blueberry dish, so this one is mine! I knew I wanted to make a blueberry crumb bar, and planned to crush some cereal into powder to make the crumb topping. I didn’t have a particular type of cereal in mind, so went to the supermarket to browse the cereal aisle. I was amazed by the selection that was there. Reece’s puffs, cookie crisp cereal .. definitely things I would not have been allowed to eat for breakfast as a kid if they’d been around then! I decided on crunchy nut. I didn’t see the original crunchy nut there, so I took a pack of the Roasted Nut & Honey O’s instead. I had a bowl for breakfast the next day, just to make sure the taste was ok for my dish!
crunchy nut crumb topping
This was a really fun recipe to make!! I crushed up the cereal with a rolling pin, and really got my hands dirty when making the dough! I served these at a friend’s BBQ with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream and they went down a treat!
Blueberry crunchy nut crumb barsFind the recipe here

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