august: jasmine’s copycat momofuku milk bar cornflake choch chip marshmallow cookie


I really liked the concept of using cereal in desserts! I LOVE cereal! I grew up having cereal with milk for breakfast. My favorites from when I was growing up were cinnamon toast crunch and lucky charms! Now that I am an adult and know about ‘healthy eating’, I try to avoid sugary cereals and opt for cornflakes or rice bubbles. However, I often mix these healthier options with a sweetened granola mix to add additional texture and flavour.

K also loves his cereal, but he has it as a snack and not at breakfast. He likes the cereal that I put together for breakfast, but to that he also adds crumbled chocolate biscuits. I have to admit though, his version of cereal is SO much nicer.

I wanted to find a recipe for a cookie that incorporates K and my kooky way of having cereal. The Momofuku milk bar cornflake chocolate chip marshmallow cookie pretty much incorporated everything that K and I loved about cereal. I read through the Momofuku milk bar recipe for inspiration and made a different version of the cookie which included shredded coconut and I also added the cornflakes directly into the cookie as opposed to making the cornflake milk crunch.


My version of the cornflake choc chip marshmallow cookie is soft and chewy with the crunch of cornflakes and gooey marshmallows. I brought these to a picnic in the park to share with friends and they were a hit :)


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