september: jasmine’s vanilla confetti cupcakes with chocolate frosting


This month we celebrated little A’s first birthday! We had a small party with family and close friends. I didn’t know how much pressure there was to host a first birthday! Apparently, there are unspoken rules for: a home made birthday cake, lots of home made baked goods, served lunch, treat bags and the family should look polished and happy at the event (aka no cranky baby, spills, etc).

WELL…..I managed to pull off the first couple of points! We had a hot lunch buffet, I baked a 3 layer hummingbird cake with cream cheese frosting and toasted coconut for little A’s birthday cake and I baked lots of home made goodies and gave them to our guests in little purple chinese take out containers as treat bags.

The recipe I am sharing this month is for one of the treats I baked for our guests’ goodie bags. Vanilla confetti cupcakes with chocolate frosting. These were really pretty décor items for our centrepiece table before the party and our guests loved them! I packed each cupcake into separate take out containers and stuffed choc chip cookies and candy bars into the sides of the box to hold the cupcake in place so that the frosting would be in tact when our guests got home. :)

And the result of all of my effort…..K, little A and I were exhausted by the time the 3 hour party was over at 3p. Little A managed to keep her dress clean for most of the party and our guests had a good time.

I did complain a lot to K about the prep for the party, getting little A to nap in the morning and all the shopping and baking I had to do….but I secretly loved it ;p


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