september: anna’s mini funfetti layer cakes

Funfetti Layer Cakes

Funfetti Cake is another thing to add to the list of things I’d never heard of before moving to the States. It’s a boxed cake mix sold on supermarket shelves and made / eaten by kids around the country. The first time I came across it was in the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook, where Christina Tosi makes her own version from scratch. The presentation of the cake, in three dramatic layers, really caught my eye. I made it last year for a friend’s birthday, but I have to say that it did taste a little too “boxed” for me (which I guess is what she was going for). Even when I was a kid, I could definitely taste the difference between made-from-scratch cakes and those made from boxed mixes.

So I used my go-to Magnolia Bakery recipe for the cake and added a heaping scoop of sprinkles. I baked the cake in a sheet pan and when cooled, cut out little circles with a biscuit cutter to form the layers. I also used a cream cheese frosting instead of vanilla.
Mini Funfetti Cake Cutter
The result was these adorable little cakes.
Mini Funfetti Layer Cake
The other great thing about this dish is the leftover cake scraps for breakfast the next day!
Mini Funfetti Cake Scraps
Kiddie treats was such a fun theme for this month. I have to say that I had a ball making this dessert! Multi-colored sprinkles mixed in cake batter…what’s not to love?!

Find the recipe here

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