september: kerri’s creamy peach sorbet

Phew, posting in the nick of time! Apologies for the delay. The past month has seen us move countries (to Singapore), find an apartment, start settling into our new home, and exploring and learning our way around a new city! Still a ways to go for home to feel like ‘home’ (like stocking up my pantry from scratch!), but we’re slowly getting there. I’m still working my way through the supermarkets – what’s available, how much things cost and what to get where. So, I needed to find something simple to make …and something kids would also love!

And what kid doesn’t like ice cream! Now living in such a hot country, cooking foods have been on my mind…alot! I’ve not been able to eat ice cream much at all since arriving, as I am pregnant and nearly every establishment and/or brand of ice cream sold in restaurants, cafes and shops contain egg! (Not cooked enough in an ice cream base for pregnant women to eat.) So once I found my ice cream maker, I decided to make my own!


So I went about finding a recipe that didn’t contain an egg base, which is all sorbets. But I wanted something creamy! I found a number of recipes that add cream to give it that creamy taste and texture. I decided on a peach sorbet using canned peaches (for easily availability) but you can use any fruit you want. You need to start this recipe a day ahead but don’t let that deter you – it is so easy, it’s not like cooking at all!



You can find the recipe here.


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