october: kerri’s apple charlottes

So sorry for my lateness in posting. I actually baked my dessert quite a few weeks ago but got distracted by various happenings that I forgot to post it up! My sincere apologies!

I have always wanted to make apple charlottes, but have never been a bit bread-in-desserts fan until the past few years. This particular recipe I’ve had in my sights for a very long time, but it often slips my mind when thinking about a dessert to make. So this was the perfect opportunity to finally try it out.

apple charlotte1

It’s an easy recipe which needs quite a bit of time – mostly for baking and cooling. So prepare ahead. I used pink lady apples instead of granny smiths, as specified in the recipe, because of availability. Pink lady’s are one of my favourite and make for a sweeter, more mellow taste.

apple charlotte2I served mine with pouring cream and some extra cooked apples. But this dessert also goes well with ice cream or custard. It’s a great ending to a meal – not as heavy as you think a bread dessert might be, and the apples could even trick you into thinking it’s slightly healthy!

My guests enjoyed it, even though I accidentally left mine cooking a little too long! Not as soft as the bread should have been, but the extra time made for more of a sweet tart crust :)

You can find the recipe here.


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