november: anna’s pumpkin, cranberry and pecan quickbread

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m writing this post from an amazing house in the Catskills…check out the view!

Catskills Thanksgiving

This month, I definitely wanted to make something to celebrate the seasonal ingredients available at this time of year. This quickbread recipe from Amy’s Bread combining pumpkin, fresh cranberries and pecans was perfect.I have never used canned pumpkin puree before (it doesn’t even exist back home in Australia!) and couldn’t bring myself to do so, so I made my own by roasting and then pureeing butternut squash. I think it was worth the extra effort!
Roasted Butternut Squash Homemade Pumpkin Puree
Fresh cranberries are a treat when you can get them. Unlike the dried version, they are extremely tart and I thought they added a great freshness and pop to the quickbread.
Fresh Cranberries
I was really happy with the way the bread turned out. Not to sweet and perfect for breakfast with a cup of coffee. I made this a day ahead so we could focus on preparing Thanksgiving lunch!
Find the recipe here

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