october: jasmine’s summer pudding


Sorry for the late post! Even though the deadline was extended for 1 month, I still found myself stretched for time and running late! This is the life of a working mom. I am impressed with myself when I can walk out of the house with a clean outfit on, a neat appearance and on time! lol!

When the bread theme was announced, I turned to a page in one of my recipe books, which I had dog-eared years ago!  I have always been intrigued by summer pudding. A pudding with berries and made of white bread! What would it taste like? Would I actually like it? The concept of it was a bit strange to me at first.

However, working in an office with a lot of English people, I soon learned a lot about summer pudding and what berries to use, type of bread, quality of bread, what to serve it with.

I do not like my desserts too sweet, so I did not add a lot of sugar to the berries and kept them fairly tart. This pudding is really easy to make. No baking involved. The time it takes for it to be ready is really the time that it needs in the fridge (overnight), squashed under 1 kilo of apples!

I served this dessert with vanilla yogurt, but I know that it will also work well with custard, thickened cream and even ice cream!

I am going to keep this recipe on the top of mind over the summer season. Perfect simple dessert recipe when I have people over AND am stretched for time….which is ALWAYS!


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