december: kerri’s chocolate cherry layer cake

I love Christmas. The carols, the festivities, the colours… and the food! And aside from the turkey, the baking and desserts are what really excites me.

I actually made this cake for a friend’s birthday, but added cherries to make it more festive. It is pretty much a non-alcoholic, very easy version of a black forest cake, with a little bit of extra chocolate to make it that little bit more decadent. Perfect for any occasion, including Christmas!

chocolate cherry layer cake whole

I added extra ganache to swirl through the cream on top, but you can add shaved chocolate curls or decorate the top with festive motives or cake toppers. Or leave the chocolate out of the cream altogether and top it with some fresh berries for a more white Christmas theme. It’s a very versatile recipe for you to change up where and when you need.

chocolate cherry layer cake

If your belly isn’t satisfied after your Christmas turkey, it surely will be after a slice of this! Enjoy! I’m off to do more Christmas baking :)

You can find the recipe here.


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