december: jasmine’s mango cream sponge

IMG_5578It is our second Xmas with little A. Little A is 15 months old now! Well and truly into the toddler stage! This year Xmas was a lot more exciting for us! We have been going to Xmas parties on the weekend, we visited an amusement park, attempted a photo with Santa (baby A and Santa were both traumatized by the event) and have been out and about checking out the Xmas trees and Xmas decor in shopping centres. Seeing Xmas through the eyes of a young child is truly amazing.

We hosted a Xmas lunch last Sunday for some of our new friends who we met through little A’s playdates. To embrace the summer ambiance of Xmas in Australia, I made a very summery dessert for our Xmas party. The fruits at this time of year are AMAZING, but the mangoes caught my eye at the shops on the weekend. I made a simple sponge cake topped with whip cream and fresh sliced mangoes. This dessert would work with any fruit really, but mangoes are such a treat in the summer I couldn’t resist :)

Unfortunately, little A is allergic to almost everything (eggs, dairy, soy, wheat, etc)….so no dessert for little A instead she had apple slices…not quite the same huh?

Have a safe and happy Christmas :)


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