january: kerri’s mini pavlovas

Living in Asia for the past few years, it’s been strange to me that so many people have never heard of pavlova, let alone eaten one! And when you see the expressions on their faces when they try it for the first time? Priceless. You just know they think they’ve been missing out on something amazing all these years :)

I love pav. The crispy meringue shell hiding the soft, fluffy centre. It’s the shell that I love the most, so the version I make has more shell and less soft centre. I love making it too, because it is one of the easiest things to make, is impressive to people on so many levels… and even moreso living abroad, reminds me of home. You can top it with just about anything you want, my favourite topping being cream (of course!), berries and (big) drizzles of chocolate ganache.

26 January is Australia Day so of course, we had to celebrate. So we had some Aussie friends over for some lamb and pav! I went a bit more traditional with my topping for this occasion, with fresh fruit and passionfruit. {But I still ate the leftovers with chocolate ganache!)

I often freeze egg whites when I make / bake recipes that involve only egg yolks. So if you get into the habit, you’ll always have egg whites on hand to whip up a pav whenever you want. Trust me, people will love you for it :)

You can find the recipe here. It is for a full size pavlova but includes instructions for mini ones.



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