january: jasmine’s red bean dumpling dessert

It is Lunar New Year’s eve today, so I thought I would make something traditional to celebrate the day with K and little A.

Sweet dumplings are traditional desserts that we have on the last night of each lunar calendar year. They symbolize that the year is complete and that we are ready for a new beginning. Growing up, my mom would make this for us as a late evening dessert.

Even though you can buy these frozen from all Asian grocery stores, the home made version is  better and very easy!

The filling of the dessert is typically red bean, black sesame, peanut butter or taro. I decided to make red bean dumplings because red bean is K’s favourite. The dumpling itself is made of glutinous rice flour and water. The dessert soup base is made from palm sugar and ginger in water. I also added some sweet potato to the dessert to give it a different texture from the gooey red bean dumplings. (Just made it to 5 ingredients (red bean paste, glutinous rice flour, ginger, palm sugar and sweet potato).


We had these after dinner before little A went down for bed at 9p. We really stretched her bedtime tonight because we really wanted to enjoy dinner and dessert together as a family :)

On a separate note, I have to let you know that this is going to be my last post as a regular BSS contributor. I am constantly finding myself time challenged nowadays balancing work and family. I now understand the dilemma that working mothers go through. K and I also have additional challenges to being parents because little A is anaphylaxis to dairy and eggs and allergic to soy, wheat, peanuts and fish. I am going to step away from BSS for a while to focus on finding and trialling more recipes that I can try for  little A. With her allergies, the types of solids we have been giving her have been limited and as she grows older (now 17 months), she will need to try more foods. Helping little A with her food challenges is going to be my focus for the next little while.

I hope to be able to contribute to BSS again in the near future as a guest contributor :)

Happy Lunar New Year everyone. May your next Lunar year be filled with health, joy and happiness :)


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