february: kerri’s quinoa chocolate cake

quinoa choc cake4

I must admit – I’ve never cooked with quinoa before, savoury or sweet. And I haven’t actually eaten it many times, either. So after some research, I found this super easy recipe for my first foray into this ingredient – all it takes is a food processor, an extra bowl and some stirring!

I decided to make this cake to take to a baby shower tomorrow, but instead of making a big cake, baked the batter in a tray pan and cut out smaller rounds for a more finger food friendly event.

quinoa choc cake1

The cake came out very moist. But to my dismay, was a little textured because one batch of quinoa I cooked (I did it in two batches as I switched recipes overnight!) must have been slightly undercooked! I don’t really mind it, but if you do cook the quinoa properly, no one will even think twice about what the secret ingredient is in this cake! I also wanted the cake a little richer and fudgier than the original recipe reviews indicated, so I replaced some of the white sugar with brown sugar.

quinoa choc cake2

Being for an event, I prettied the cakes up with chocolate ganache and some almond praline. But the cake is so simple and decadent on it’s own that a sprinkle of icing sugar, a scoop of ice cream or some whipping cream would also be perfect with it.

quinoa choc cake3

As I said, it’s super easy and a great recipe to introduce baking with quinoa into your repertoire. I’m sure it will be perfect next time I make it, but this time I’m hoping my recipients will be a bit forgiving!

You can find the recipe here.


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