february: lisa’s coconut quinoa soup

Although I have eaten quinoa a few times before, I’ve never cooked with it before. So when this month’s theme ingredient was announced, I’ll admit to being a little nervous.

The few times I have eaten it, it’s been in a savoury dish, salads mostly. I’ve had it both boiled and toasted, and it did have quite a nice nutty flavour.

When trying to think up inspiration on how to turn this ingredient I’ve only know in the savoury sense into a sweet dessert, I drew upon a Thai dessert called Tub Tim Grob. In Thai, tub tim literally translates to ruby, or pomegranate. Though many Westerners may not be familiar with having a “soup” for dessert, this is very refreshing, and a great end to a meal in summer.


I thought that the texture of cooked quinoa would match perfectly into this dish, something similar to sago, although much much healthier! You can add any sort of fruit to the dish. I’ve used mango and pomegranate as they are in season, but other things you could use are jackfruit, palm seeds, sweet pineapple, etc.

It doesn’t take too long to prepare. In fact, all the components can be cooked or prepared earlier, so that it only takes a couple of minutes to assemble each serve. It’s colourful, and fun and definitely something different to your normal dessert. Put the sugar syrup in a small bowl or jug on the table so your guests can add as little or as much as they like. I call this my coconut quinoa soup, and you can find the recipe here. Enjoy!



One thought on “february: lisa’s coconut quinoa soup”

  1. It look’s like a great dessert dish Lisa .Did you find the ‘quinoa” very easy ? It looks lentils like, as i’m gluten free person.I’ll try it out this summer …sweet !!yumm

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