march: kerri’s caramelised pineapple cake

One of the things about moving countries is starting over again to find the best places to buy groceries and fresh produce. I usually love this type of exploring but since arriving in Singapore, have found the heat stifling and motivation sapping. I spent the first few months checking out the local supermarkets and only buying what I could carry back on the bus. With the imminent arrival of our little one, what I could carry was getting less and less, so I had to look into other options.

Now most of my shopping is done online through delivery services, and though there are not a lot to choose from here, there are some good ones. One being a fruit and vegetable delivery supplier that is reasonably priced, fresh and good quality. I look forward to my deliveries to see what they have packed and what I can cook with!

Lately we’ve been blessed with a fresh pineapple with each delivery. I had to think creatively how to use them because I’m not supposed to eat them during pregnancy. So I decided to change up a cake recipe and instead of using canned pineapples, caramelised a fresh pineapple instead.

caramelised pineappleThe original recipe is a loaf cake, but since I was making it for an event where there would be quite a number of people, I made a tray cake instead.

caramelised pineapple cake

Personally I thought it was a little sweet but all the guests loved it! It was great to hear the positive comments from people who didn’t know I had made it :)

You can find the recipe here.


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