march: anna’s pineapple and ginger ice cream

Pineapple Ginger Ice Cream

I have to confess, I don’t like pineapple. People are usually horrified when I say that… I guess it’s like saying you don’t like mangoes or watermelon! So this month’s ingredient was a bit of a stretch for me. I don’t mind having pineapple if it’s in a dish, like carrot cake, or in a drink, like a pina colada! I just don’t really like it plain or if it’s the primary flavor in a dish.

I ended up making last month’s friands again. They were a hit at the brunch that I took them to! I had 5 egg yolks left over, which was the perfect amount for a batch of ice cream. I often end up throwing out extra egg yolks, which I hate doing. I also hardly ever have room in the freezer to fit my ice cream machine, so whenever I do, I always take advantage of it. Our freezer is usually jam packed with ingredients that we’ve stocked up on because they are hard to get or just come in bigger sizes than we can eat, and dishes that we’ve cooked and saved for later. We were away for a couple of weeks last month so we actively tried to clear out the freezer before we left. There was plenty of room for my ice cream machine!
Pineapple Ginger Swirl Ice Cream
Once I decided to make ice cream, it was easy enough to decide on the flavor, given this month’s theme! I already had some canned pineapple at home from when I made hummingbird cake, so I decided to use that, and kick it up a notch with some fresh ginger. You could definitely use fresh pineapple, but it was so easy to use canned, and I think the fresh ginger really livened it up so you probably couldn’t even tell that it was canned pineapple.Ice cream is something I really enjoy making. It’s a bit like fresh pasta – pretty easy to make but tastes so much better than a bought one, and people are always really impressed!
Pineapple_Ginger Ice Cream
I took the ice cream to a friend’s party and we served it with a champagne chiffon cake that my friend made. It was a great combination! Even to a pineapple hater, this ice cream was pretty damn good!
Homemade Pineapple Ice Cream Pineapple Ice CreamFind the recipe here

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