march: lisa’s pineapple jam biscuits

You know, I’m not really a huge biscuit fan. I don’t make, buy or eat them very often. So when I was trying to think of things to come up with for this month’s challenge, I decided to make something a little different and came up with pineapple jam filled biscuits.


It’s actually not a completely new idea – these biscuits are quite popular around Chinese New Year time, but I am really not a fan of those ones that are sold in the shops. Either they are not crispy or short enough, or the filling is spiced with cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, etc. So I decided to create some that I actually would enjoy, and would like to eat.


I’ve kept my jam filling very basic – I mean, when I eat a pineapple biscuit, I want one that tastes like real, pure pineapple. No need to complicate it with other spices or flavours. Just the natural, sweet, classic pineapple. I haven’t made my recipe too sweet, but if you have a very sweet tooth, feel free to add more sugar. Also, if you are using a fresh pineapple (instead of canned), you may need to add more sugar if the pineapple is not overly sweet or ripe. Be patient when making the jam – it took me around 25 minutes to get my jam to the consistency and colour that I was after.


You can make your biscuits as large or as small as you like. I’ve made mine quite small. I’d describe them as slightly larger than gnocchi size. The smaller you make them, the more fiddly they are to wrap, and the longer it will take to make all your biscuits. But don’t make them too large either – they are meant to be delicate biscuits that just melt in your mouth. No more than 2 bites.


The scoring of the dough just before baking isn’t necessary, but I think it gives a nice touch, and makes the biscuits look like the actual pineapple (minus the spiky top). Cute and tasty.

You can find the recipe to my pineapple jam biscuits here. I hope you enjoy!



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