april: maple syrup


Maple syrup – the luscious, sweet liquid we most commonly know as the ideal topping for pancakes and waffles. Made from the sap of maple trees, it was first collected and used by the indigenous people of North America.

What you may not know is that maple syrup actually has many health benefits. Since it directly comes from a plant’s sap, this natural sweetener features over 54 antioxidants that can help delay or prevent diseases caused by free radicals, such as cancer and diabetes. Who knew eating something so delicious would be so good for you?!

Many substitutes and imitations are available, but once you’ve tasted the real thing, you’ll never go back.

This month, we’re creating new recipes featuring maple syrup. Stay tuned to see our creations!



2 thoughts on “april: maple syrup”

  1. Dear Lisa,

    My name is Marie and I am currently part of a project with Grainey Pictures, working on an independent feature documentary called “Being Canadian.” We stumbled upon your blog and are very interested in using your image of the maple syrup. We are seeking your permission for the usage of it in the film, and if you agree, we would credit you for the material used.

    Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to hearing back from you soon!


    Marie and the rest of the Grainey team

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