april: lisa’s anzac cookies

I’ve been getting the feeling that I’m into cookies recently. I feel I should apologise since the last couple of posts from me have been for cookies, but they are just so convenient and easy to transport! I haven’t been having many brunch, lunch or dinner parties of late, so I haven’t really had the need to create an actual dessert dessert. But cookies can be eaten anytime, anywhere, as a snack or a filler.


With ANZAC day coming up this Friday, I thought it would be a great time to whip up some Anzac cookies. For those of you who may have not heard of them before, the story goes that the biscuits were made by wives and sent to Australian and New Zealand soldiers during the war. Eggs were not used due to scarcity and also so that the biscuits would not spoil easily.


The recipe is very kid friendly, and I remember making these often while growing up at home. The traditional recipe uses golden syrup instead of maple syrup, but I’ve found that using maple syrup gives the cookies a slightly different texture – less chewy, a little more crispy, and less sweet. Combined with the health benefits of maple syrup, and ingredients such as rolled oats, you could almost convince yourself that these cookies are healthy!


Enjoy! And lest we forget.



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